South Agri: an essential link in the commodities supply chain

South Agri: an essential link in the commodities supply chain

South Agri originates, transports, manages logistics, trades and distributes agricultural products to importers abroad and international clients.

Our highly experienced sourcing and operational teams allow us to have a very strong presence in Brazil’s main producing regions and easy access to the main players in the international agricultural commodities markets.

South Agri believes in developing and maintaining solid partnerships with its suppliers and clients with the intent of serving the world’s agricultural commodities consumers.

Connecting supply and demand

SOUTH AGRI is present on both ends of the agribusiness supply chain:

  • We place our suppliers’ (cooperatives, dealers and farmers) products in the international markets by developing new markets and by providing liquidity to their operations.
  • We supply our clients (trading companies, exporters, crushers, feed industries, etc.) with competitive products within industry excellence standards on a FOB or CFR basis.
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