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The fertilizer industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and, within that context, Brazil is an important producer and exporter of agricultural products.

At South Agri our mission is to help the world grow the food it needs – and customer relationships are central to this mission. We are known for our tradition of excellent service and have built a strong foundation of trust with our customers. From crop nutrition and animal feed to industrial and premium products, our goal is to consistently deliver the superior products and value-added services that our customers have come to expect from us.

We don’t stop adding value when we ship our crop nutrients. Our agronomists work closely with our customers to help farmers maximize their yields. Together, we work to achieve balanced crop nutrition on every acre-we want farmers to apply the right crop nutrients at the right time, at the right rate and in the right place.

Brazil is the country is the fourth largest consumer of nutrients. This being a strategic sector for Brazil and growth perspectives in the long term

We represents major international manufacturers of raw materials for the fertilizer industry to attend the major players in the Brazilian market. The marketed products include: ammonium sulfate, urea, superphosphate and triple, phosphate rock, etc.


Potash is a naturally occurring mineral created during the evaporation of ancient sea beds. Potash is also referred to as Muriate of Potash or Potassium Chloride and is the most widely used potassium fertilizer. Potassium is one of the three primary crop nutrients required for plant growth. Potassium serves as the “Regulator” of many essential processes within the plant. Potash is water-soluble and contains 60-62 percent K2O. Potash products vary in color from red to white and are available in several sizes, providing choices for most application options.

Urea 46

Nitrogen fertilizer with 46% urea nitrogen that must undergo the nitrification process to be assimilable by the crop, and this process greatly depends on the soil and environmental conditions. Depending on these factors, it can be used both during sowing and as a top dressing It is applied mostly as a top dressing for any type of crop, preferably in warm areas to ensure a faster transformation process.

It is applied mostly as a top dressing for any type of crop, preferably in warm areas to ensure a faster transformation process.

During sowing, the application must be carried out as far in advance as possible so that the nitrogen is available as soon as the crop requires it.
In addition to its direct use as a nitrogenous fertilizer, it is frequently used as raw material for preparing bulk or fertilizer blends along with DAP and potassium chloride.

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